Another Danger Duck Prototype Jumping and Shooting game

Select from four levels where you jump through asteroids, shoot down ufos, navigate a dark cave, and and one where you shoot alien bugs. No boss modes and a lot of missing enemies There is a better version witch is actually a previous version.

this is an attempt to port a mobile version directly in the file but the global variables and hacky nature of how I put it together has made it to cumbersome to work on any further without restarting from scratch and make it HD instead of SD.


  • Mouse left = Jump Mouse right = Shoot
  • Keyboard J = Jump Keyboard L = Laser

note: the controller does not interact with the main menu.

  • controller A / Cross = Jump controller X/ Square = Laser
StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
Tagsjumping, shooting
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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